The seventh generation

Count Roland von Faber-Castell (1905-1978)

Following the death of his father Count Alexander, Count Roland von Faber-Castell (1905-1978) takes over the company. He manages the company for fifty years through turbulent times.

The family in a private setting

Count Roland von Faber-Castell with his horses

Count Roland von Faber-Castell had a close connection with horses from an early age. His favourite horse was the Lipizzaner stallion "Kanonier". He was a gift from the circus director Trude Sarrassani. He had helped her to save the noble animals from Soviet-occupied Dresden in the post-war period.

Further generations

The fourth Generation
Baron Lothar von Faber (1817-1896) The factory develops into a company with international standing.
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The fifth Generation
Wilhelm von Faber (1851-1893)
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The sixth generation
Countess Ottilie and Count Alexander von Faber-Castell (1866-1928)
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