Perfect Pencil

The sharpener is integrated into the protective cap, which also doubles as an extender, and the rubber is under the coronet: writing, correcting and sharpening have thus been accommodated in the smallest of spaces, making the Perfect Pencil the epitome of efficient and aesthetic writing instruments.

Limited Edition Perfect Pencil

Perhaps it would even make the perfect birthday gift. In an exclusive limited edition in champagne hues of just 750 pieces celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Perfect Pencil, the classic, finely fluted wood barrel has been luxuriously “crowned”: its cap, coronet and spring-loaded clip gleam in 22-carat gold. Each exquisite specimen is adorned with the signature of Count Charles von Faber-Castell on the clip ring and is individually numbered on the cap (1/750). It comes with a gift box made of fine wood, complete with a certificate of authenticity.

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Graf-von-Faber-Castell - Perfect Pencil Limited Edition, Brown
Perfect Pencil Limited Edition, Brown
Graf-von-Faber-Castell - Perfect Pencil, platinium-plated, Brown
Perfect Pencil, platinium-plated, Brown
Graf-von-Faber-Castell - Perfect Pencil, platinium-plated, Black
Perfect Pencil, platinium-plated, Black
Graf-von-Faber-Castell - Perfect Pencil Black Edition
Perfect Pencil Black Edition
Graf-von-Faber-Castell - Perfect Pencil Rosegold, Black
Perfect Pencil Rosegold, Black

Perfect Pencil Magnum

Simple luxury – nothing embodies it more than writing with a beautiful pencil.

The extra-large pencil primarily offers one advantage when writing: utmost comfort. The characteristic channelling in the wood ensures this writing implement lies pleasantly in the hand. A particularly soft and thick 4B lead makes for striking, expressive writing and is also excellent for sketching. The Perfect Pencil in magnum format – one for all needs.

  • Platinum plated
  • Brown, finely fluted magnum-sized pocket pencil with extra thick and soft 4B lead
  • With built-in metal sharpener and eraser
  • Ideal for writing and sketching

Different refill pencils


The elegant Guilloche pencils are pleasant to the touch and the graphite lead of hardness B ensures agreeable writing. The Guilloche pattern is created by means of an elaborate production process.

Cedar Wood 

Graf von Faber-Castell pencils represent the culmination of the art of graphite writing. Californian cedar wood, which is ideal for neat sharpening and an attractive finely fluted surface indicate something special.
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